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Brief look into Pitti Uomo '93

If you are a follower of menswear and fashion, you are probably used to seeing photos of social media influencers in their best clothes floating around your Instagram feed constantly. This may be more evident now, as it is time for Pitti Uomo 93. Pitti Uomo is a biannual event/trade show for anything and everything men's fashion in Florence Italy. Menswear enthusiasts, style and lifestyle influencers, editors, as well as brand owners from all around the globe flock to this event twice every year for fall/winter and spring/summer collections coming up. Owners and executives showcase their products and collections to perspective buyers inside the venue, but many would argue the main attraction and show actually takes place outside. Men and women can be seen conversing with one another while leaning against walls or sitting on the now famous 'Great Wall of Pitti' as photographers take as many photos as their memory cards can hold to be posted on social media, thus satisfying all of our cravings for unique styles.

Enjoy a few of our favourite Pitti 93 looks below!

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