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The Knitted Tie

The knitted tie is far from your average tie. Instead of being made out of a smooth silk or wool type of fabric, the knitted tie is a tie made by knitting multiple threads (silk, wool, polyester) together, which is where its name comes from. More often than not, the knitted tie comes in all sorts of funky colours with even funkier patterns on them.

This tie has become a way for many to dress down their suits or jackets. However, it is often also considered to be a sign of rebellion against the status quo. The status quo in this case is the either really formal or business suit. The knitted tie is especially loved by the sprezzaturas of the world (and those attempting to emulate them.)

On the contrary, it is not too difficult to turn make the knitted tie look formal. A dark navy suit or a black suit paired with a 2 ½” (or wider) black knitted tie and a white shirt can make the look as formal as ever. It becomes a good alternative to the common bow tie or black silk tie. However, it should be noted that a tuxedo looks best with a classic bow tie.

Those who are looking to follow the classic school of thought in menswear should take note that knitted ties are best suited for less formal occasions and environments, and should not be worn with black or white tie.

Have a look at our soon to launch collection of knitted ties to see if there are any that you might want to try or add to your already existing collection of knitted ties.

What are your thoughts on the knitted tie? Comment and let us know.

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